Standard Insurance

Standard Insurance Co., Inc, or just commonly abbreviated as just ‘Standard Insurance’  is a domestic non-life insurer in the Philippines that caters to motor insurance but also offers other non-life insurance products. Its origins are from 1958 and today the company indicates a market share of 18.3% of motorcar insurance (based 2009 Annual Report of the Insurance Commission). It has its headquarters in Makati City and 43 branches across the country as well as over 200 car dealer partnerships including Mazda, BMW, Mercedes, General Motors, Honda, Toyota and many more.  Its motorcar policy types include private cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and motor trade with coverage options such as CTPL (compulsory third party liability) , theft, damage, roadside assistance and property damage. Other products it offers besides motor products include cellphone insurance, property insurance, marine insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance and bonds.

You can contact their headquarters by telephone on: + (632) 885-9999



Insurer Information

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