BPI Philam Insurance

BPI-Philam Life Assurance Corp or ‘BPI-Philam’ is a domestic Insurer based in the Philippines.  It was formerly called  ‘Ayala Life Assurance Inc’ and is a 2009 joint venture between Philam Life (Part of AIA Group) and the large bank BPI (Ayala Corp). Through this partnership they can distribute products through bancassurance from BPI’s  800+ branch network . It provides products for individuals and corporations such as investment linked products, health insurance and life insurance for individuals and  group life protection, healthcare benefits and disability benefits for corporations.

You can contact them by telephone on ) 1800-188-89100 or 89-100 (Metro Manila)

Source: http://www.bpi-philam.com

Insurer Information

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The policy premium rate is for a basic ‘Life Protect’ basic plan and is for coverage for someone at 30 years old for 1 year’s coverage including a P1M life coverage.

P320.00 a month